Supporting The Art, Artisans & Culture of Italy

Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy

Our Mission began by bringing you beautiful, chic, elegant, Italian products made by Italy's Artisans, while also sharing the stories of their extraordinary workmanship.  Our aim is to help protect,  preserve and share our Italian heritage and its rich cultural and economic achievements.

We launched in 2014 by offering some of the most beautiful handcrafted products made 100% in Italy.

The history of Italian artistry is legendary.  Sadly, the income of Artisans, as author Edoardo Nesi describes, "is being swept away by hurricane globalization."  Thousands of their products are being made with cheap labor in other countries, and manufacturing in the guise of copy-cat products.  Along with globalization, the flight of young people to the cities in Europe has left fewer students to learn these ancient skills which has led to the decline of the Artisans. Of course, the economic crisis has also added enormous strain to the Italians especially among the Artisan communities. The Best of Italia began as a small step toward supporting some of the artistic Masters who protect the culture, so they can practice their craft. Our efforts helped to employ five young Artisans. 

This was our attempt to help preserve this magnificent legacy and a precious part of the Italian heritage.  Proceeds were donated to children's charities in the United States to continue to build awareness of and appreciation for art.

As of 2018, we are redirecting 100% of our focus on STORIES from Italy to continue our mission to help protect and preserve our rich Italian heritage and we will be offering extraordinary small trips to Bella Italia!




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