The Appenine Mountains of Abruzzo

The Appenine Mountains of Abruzzo

Frequently Asked Questions & Help

Are all of the products made in Italy?
YES!  Every Artisan we engage designs and makes all of their products in Italy. Materials are also from Italy.

How do we determine our pricing?
Great question!  Our efforts to support Italian Artisans include paying them a good price for their handmade items.  We take this approach in an effort to help them stay financially solvent so that they can continue to produce their beautiful products and remain in business for years to come.  In some cases, the infusion of cash enables them to employ assistants in their studios to fulfill our orders.  Next, we mark up the product to cover our cost of getting the product to the US and to cover contributions to charities.  Our goal is to offer our customers these exquisite items at affordable prices while also directing funds to educational philanthropies.

Are returns possible?
YES!  While we think you will be thrilled with the quality of the Artisan's work, if you are not fully satisfied, mail the items back to us within 30 days for a full refund.   

What other products are being considered for future shipments?
Leather products, non-perishable food specialty items, linens, sterling silver and gold jewelry are currently being explored. We opted to avoid breakable and perishable items for the present. In 2017 and beyond the focus will be less on product promotion and more on supporting cultural tourism with our content.

Which company is used to protect your credit card information?
We use STRIPE, a well known and trusted name in the financial services industry for internet sales and security.  We do not sell or distribute our customers' contact information to any third party - ever.

From where are the deliveries shipped?
The products are shipped to and inspected at our warehouse in San Rafael, CA.  We ship to our customers in the US through UPS and Priority Mail. International shipments will soon be available.

How can I reach The Best of Italia if I have a concern, question or a recommendation?
Telephone: (415) 624-4145
Fax: (415) 233-9750

If there is an Artisan I would like to introduce to The Best of Italia, how do I reach you?
Please contact us. We are always interested in meeting new artisans and determining  how we can work together.

Note:  We established the business as a Full Purpose Corporation (FPC).  This means that a generous part of our proceeds are donated to US Charities supporting children and the arts. It is our belief and hope that our future young leaders will welcome the privilege of preserving and protecting the art that their fore-bearers have created.  The charities we currently support are focused on children's education and they include:   Free The Children, The Niroga Institute, Rotary International, The Oakland School of the Arts, The Canal Alliance, L'Arche Of Spokane, St. Jude's Children Research Hospital, Presentation High School in San Jose, CA, The Cherokee Nation Tribal Scholarship  and The Gonzaga University In Florence Program.

Tele: 1 - (415) 717-6158
Fax: 1 - (415) 233-9750